Why hire Aart Production House instead of doing it yourself?

Any business that would want to make a name in the industry would certainly want to be branded on a high professional level. In order to do that, a business must effectively market its high quality products and services to its targeted audience.

Now, are you thinking of promoting your business through a video? Perhaps, you would want it to come out very professional, right? Would you be able to produce the video all by yourself? You would not risk the image of your business with a lousy video production, would you?

The good news is that the creative team of Aart Production House can help you produce a great video that would reflect what your business is all about. Whether your business has only started or is already considered a high profile, we can surely help you reach a much bigger audience.

Why does the cost of video production vary?

At Aart Production House we cover a 3 phase process consisting of the pre-production, production, and the post-production.

The pre-production phase is where we discuss what we are about to film and why we are going to film it; the production phase is the actual shooting of the film which we are trying to achieve; and the post-production phase will cover the editing, insertion graphics and texts, introductory and closing animations, etc..

At Aart Production House, you are guaranteed that you are paying for professionals who have a craft and passion for film-making as supported by years of education and experience in the field. Our expertise in camera work, lighting, audio and direction warrant high production values.

Yes, the digital age has made video production available almost to everyone, however, the craft of film-making remains something that takes years to hone, and at Aart Production House we take pride to offer such professional experience.

So how much would be the cost of a video shoot?

First, the good news is we do offer packages with our video production services.

Guaranteed, these videos are shot in a professional studio against a white or black or even a colored background, using two or more professional video cameras.

With our different packages you can leverage the power of your video whether on TV or on the web to deliver your message and reach out to your prospective clients.

I’m too busy running my business, how can I find time to work with you guys?

We take pride of our skills and vast experience in video production so it will only take at least one or two meetings for us to come up with the story and script. You can just share us your ideas of how you would want the video to come out and leave the rest to our creative team.